Bringing Institutional Scale Capital to Equipment Leasing

Panthera Leasing

Panthera is a private investment firm focusing primarily on middle- to large-ticket long term leasing and renting of equipment known to have a long economic life. We make investments based on the lasting value of transportation, commercial, and industrial equipment of many types. We use innovative structures and iconoclastic thinking whenever necessary to complete transactions with equipment users or other lessors.

Panthera’s founding principals, in our roles as entrepreneurs, managers and investors, have built value in the equipment leasing sector through multiple cycles.

Panthera looks at opportunities to purchase, restructure, refurbish and redeploy equipment already in use. Beyond the traditional, often tax driven, and typically new equipment financings, there exist a substantial number of opportunities for capital to invest in equipment already in use. At Panthera, this investment capital is used in accordance with an absolute and clear investment opportunity: capital equipment has a long useful life, and a value-added provider can profit from the second and third lives of equipment.

Capital can realize excellent returns in the investment in, and later restructuring, renegotiation, repositioning, refurbishment, rental, and/or remarketing of equipment. At Panthera we bring institutional scale capital to these opportunities.