Bringing Institutional Scale Capital to Equipment Leasing


Paul B. Weiss – Principal

Paul is one of an early generation of lease portfolio acquisition experts going back to the 1980s, ultimately leading over $4 billion of equipment portfolio and company purchases. He was a major shareholder in the leveraged buyout of ICON Capital in 1996, which during his tenure as President went from a small player to the most successful leasing fund manager in history in terms of capital raised. In 2007, after 20 years in the equipment leasing business, Paul was named by Leasing News as one of the industry’s 25 most important lifetime dealmakers. At the end of 2006 Mr. Weiss sold his shareholding in ICON. Since then, and prior to co-founding Panthera, he has been involved in diverse non-equipment activities and among other things serves as Chairman of Pacific Rim Partners. His earlier leasing industry affiliations included Gemini Holdings and Pegasus Aviation, prior to which he was a commercial banker and investment banker. He has a BA in Economics from Connecticut College.

Sean E. Hoel – Principal

Sean has extensive experience in structuring leasing and debt facilities and has worked on major transactions worldwide. Prior to co-founding Panthera, Sean was a Managing Director at Tiger Group Investments in Hong Kong, and still maintains a close relationship with Tiger. Previously, he served as Chief Acquisition Officer of ICON Capital. Sean is an RNoN Officer (1991), with a Bachelors Degree in Finance (UW) and a Masters Degree in Finance (SU).