Bringing Institutional Scale Capital to Equipment Leasing

Deals and Offerings

Panthera is a principal with access to substantial capital. In this capacity we acquire leasing or rental companies engaged in the leasing of a wide range of capital equipment, as well as act directly as a lessor through the acquisition of equipment subject to lease or lease-back.

  • Our principals and strategic partners have experience in transactions involving most every type of equipment.
  • We are not a bank and do not provide loans. We are not a broker, advisor or consultant.

Specific Transaction Types


For leasing and rental businesses that would benefit from additional equity for expansion, operations, or portfolio building, we are a capable acquiror with much experience of meeting the needs of stakeholders now and later.

Strategic Partnering

Similarly, we can acquire a less than 100% interest in a qualifying target, or create a joint venture where owned equipment is in a pool that we invest in. There are many ways to do this.

Vendor Programs

Customers want a true lease alternative for many reasons, and these alternatives aren’t always offered. True leasing has grown less important on the vendor program menu, and most vendor programs would benefit from offering a true, residual value based lease option to customers. We can be your equity partner and make this possible.

Rental Programs

Equity players can achieve returns in the absence of traditional lease contracts. We like equipment and have been involved in many creative and dynamic types of structures, we visualize many more and would love to hear yours.

Capital Markets Access

We can get transactions of size done if they deserve to get done, our history shows tremendous success in finding unexpected ways to put complex multi-party deals together.

Private Equity Conduit

For the private equity industry, there has been much attention to equipment leasing opportunities and equipment fund management opportunities, with little actual activity. Equipment leasing has attractive attributes to such players, and some tricky practical pitfalls too. We intend to assist and support private equity by having the industry invest alongside us on a pari-passu basis.

Deal Parameters

90% of our transactions meet the following criteria:

Residual Value Based: The opportunity to profit from future residual value realization is usually not limited by any restrictive buy out option for the benefit of the lessee.

Long Lived Equipment: There is every reason to be confident that the equipment will be useful for its intended purpose for many years beyond lease expiry. Often this results in transactions in the transportation, energy and industrial space because those are where the most transaction opportunities are available. In our management’s experience in residual based structures, virtually every imaginable type of equipment is represented and remains of interest.

Credit Quality: We are flexible about credit but generally must be confident the business of the lessee will be satisfactory for years to come.

Lease Documents: We gladly accept lease paper written by others so long as it has the typical protections for a lessor in their ability to preserve and maintain their legal position in the rental and the equipment.

Term: We look at deals of any initial or remaining term, usually this falls between 1 year remaining and perhaps 6 years remaining.

Size: In the context of a relationship that will generate much future volume, the individual ticket size does not matter particularly. If a transaction is a one-off opportunity, we rarely desire to invest less than $1 million and are unlikely to invest more than $10 million in a single transaction.

Structure: We will act as lessor in newly originated leases or seasoned leases and portfolios. We will invest in joint ventures with other lessors and we will be the silent equity partner for programs originated and managed by other lessors. We will do residual value based alternatives such as residual options or other delayed transfer mechanisms. We will not be an equity investor in a securitized lease pool, however.