Bringing Institutional Scale Capital to Equipment Leasing

Our Thinking

Here is what you can expect of us:

  • We will tell you what we can do for sure, what we probably can do, and what we don’t think anyone including us can do. You deserve to know.
  • When circumstances change you will find out immediately.
  • If we say something or write something down, we mean it.
  • Our relationships are far more valuable than any deal, and we want to work with you time and time again. If this next one isn’t a fit, the deal to follow may be.
  • When a transaction closes, we want to be sure you would speak of the deal and our firm in the best possible way. If you cannot, the deal was a failure even if it closed.
  • We expect you to hold us accountable.
  • We won’t speak ill of anyone you perceive to be our competitors, we don’t need to. Who we are and what we have done hopefully speaks very loudly.
  • Whatever the topic, it matters. We will bring you all of the capability, energy, respect and attention that the situation requires.